This is highly recommended.. because of the uniqueness of the brand.. love it!
- Mariecar -
At first I was so hesitant to try tassel earrings and the likes but when I tried Macsen earrings, I love it! They feel light and I feel confident wearing them. The earrings add chic and swag to my ordinary style. Plus the fact that they are made sustainable and by hard working women makes me love Macsen more!
- Yang -
Macsen’s tassel earrings make me feel extra pretty. I also love the thought that they provide jobs to Filipino housewives and create livelihood opportunities for everyone regardless of social status. Gaganda ka na, gaganda pa kalooban mo. Pak ganernnn. More power and praying for the shop’s success!
- Neri -
Got fascinated with their products (& stories, too) & bought these state of the art earrings from MacSen.. I love it
- Dynes -
I don't often wear elaborate earrings but their tassel earrings is an exception. I tried it the first time during my trip and I loved it. It does make my overall look better. They added a personal touch on their product which reflects the great passion of the maker behind it..that's what makes it unique. Good job!
- Agatha -
Hi. I really like your tassel earrings. They're beautiful... And I must say your products are good find. Hope you can create more varieties. It makes people extra beautiful. Thanks.
- mnatasialuna -
Thanks Macsen .. for my boho top and tassel earrings! ... love it!.. all the best and much more success MACSEN!
- Bing -